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  Vehicle region: Staten Island, NY
Include the following towns: Bayonne [NJ] , Brooklyn, Staten Island
 Brands: Audi(6) BMW(245) Cadillac(8) Chevrolet(257) Chrysler(7) Ford(51) Honda(19) Hyundai(255) Jeep(10) Kia(132) Lexus(7) Lincoln(23) Mazda(118) Mercedes-Benz(6) Mercury(5) Mitsubishi(33) Nissan(82) Subaru(75) Toyota(280)
 Body Styles: Any(61) 2 Door Coupe(46) 2 Door Hatchback / Wagon(31) 4 Door Hatchback / Wagon(105) 4 Door Sedan(851) Convertible(7) Pickup(37) SUV(491) Minivan(60) Van(7)
 Price Ranges: No Price Provided(403) Between $5001 and $10000(38) Between $10001 and $15000(70) Between $15001 and $20000(113) Between $20001 and $25000(315) Between $25001 and $40000(536) More than $40000(221)







Body Style



2014 BMW-5 Series-535d xDrive2,008$58,000 4dr CarBrooklyn
2014 BMW-X6-xDrive35i8$70,575 Sport Utility475Brooklyn
2014 BMW-5 Series-528i xDrive3,717$57,425 4dr CarAlpine WhiteBrooklyn
2014 BMW-5 Series-535i xDrive45$63,125 4dr CarDark Graphite MetallBrooklyn
2014 BMW-X5-xDrive35d6$62,475 Sport UtilityGlacier Silver MetalBrooklyn
2014 BMW-i3-4$49,875 HatchbackAndesite Silver Met Brooklyn
2014 BMW-X5-xDrive35i6$70,950 Sport UtilityBlack Sapphire MetalBrooklyn
2014 BMW-3 Series-320i xDrive424$39,875 4dr CarAlpine WhiteBrooklyn
2014 BMW-X3-xDrive28i4$49,725 Sport UtilityAlpine WhiteBrooklyn
2015 BMW-6 Series-640i xDrive3,788$89,475 4dr CarSpace Gray MetallicBrooklyn
2014 BMW-X6-xDrive50i7$80,475 Sport UtilityBlack Sapphire MetalBrooklyn
2014 BMW-X5-xDrive35i15$66,950 Sport UtilityMineral White MetallBrooklyn
2014 BMW-4 Series-435i xDrive20$59,050 2dr CarBlack Sapphire MetalBrooklyn
2014 BMW-4 Series-435i xDrive8$65,835 2dr CarBrooklyn
2015 BMW-6 Series-650i xDrive8$120,640 4dr CarSpace Gray MetallicBrooklyn
2015 BMW-6 Series-650i xDrive6$103,850 4dr CarBlack Sapphire MetalBrooklyn
2015 BMW-6 Series-640i xDrive8$88,000 4dr CarAlpine WhiteBrooklyn
2015 BMW-6 Series-640i xDrive6$88,000 4dr CarAlpine WhiteBrooklyn
2015 BMW-6 Series-650i xDrive1,820$100,150 4dr CarCarbon Black MetalliBrooklyn
2014 BMW-X6 M-8$104,300 Sport UtilityBlack Sapphire MetalBrooklyn
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