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  Vehicle region: Staten Island, NY
Include the following towns: Bayonne [NJ] , Brooklyn, Staten Island
 Brands: BMW(197) Chevrolet(7) Ford(673) Honda(11) Hyundai(674) Infiniti(11) Jeep(7) Kia(6) Lincoln(266) Mercedes-Benz(5) Nissan(67) Toyota(17)
 Body Styles: Any(257) 2 Door Coupe(60) 2 Door Hatchback / Wagon(22) 4 Door Hatchback / Wagon(39) 4 Door Sedan(1030) Convertible(10) Pickup(83) SUV(602) Van(99) Commercial(29)
 Price Ranges: No Price Provided(7) Between $5001 and $10000(30) Between $10001 and $15000(59) Between $15001 and $20000(219) Between $20001 and $25000(382) Between $25001 and $40000(649) More than $40000(887)







Body Style



2014 Acura-TL-w/Tech 4dr Sedan w/Technology Pa18,781$21,495 SedanBellanova White PearlBROOKLYN
2015 Acura-TLX-SH-AWD V6 w/Tec SH-AWD V6 4dr Sedan6,290$28,985 SedanBlack Copper PearlBROOKLYN
2014 Chrysler-200-LX LX 4dr Sedan35,370$9,998 SedanDeep Cherry Red Crystal PearlcBROOKLYN
2009 Chrysler-Sebring-Limited Limited 2dr Convertible81,682$7,700 ConvertibleBrilliant Black Crystal Pc/Brilliant Blk Hard TopSTATEN ISLAND
2015 Jeep-Wrangler Unlimited-Sport 4x4 Sport 4dr SUV36,810$27,995 SUVBlackBROOKLYN
2014 Jeep-Compass-Sport 4x4 Sport 4dr SUV72,481$10,495 SUVDeep Cherry Red Crystal PearlcoatBROOKLYN
2016 Jeep-Cherokee-Trailhawk 4x4 Trailhawk 4dr SUV7,725$23,495 SUVBrilliant Black Crystal PearlcoatBROOKLYN
2014 Jeep-Cherokee-Latitude 4x4 Latitude 4dr SUV11,733$17,495 SUVBrilliant Black Crystal PearlcoatBROOKLYN
2015 Dodge-Durango-Limited AWD Limited 4dr SUV19,133$27,985 SUVBrilliant Black Crystal PearlcoatBROOKLYN
2016 Jeep-Grand Cherokee-Limited 4x4 Limited 4dr SUV19,817$31,995 SUVWhiteBROOKLYN
2015 Ford-Explorer-XLT AWD XLT 4dr SUV17,042$27,495 SUVTuxedo Black MetallicBROOKLYN
2013 Ford-Explorer-Limited AWD Limited 4dr SUV38,368$24,995 SUVTuxedo Black MetallicSTATEN ISLAND
2014 Ford-Explorer-Sport AWD Sport 4dr SUV29,448$29,995 SUVWhiteBROOKLYN
2015 Nissan-Altima-2.5 2.5 4dr Sedan19,103$13,495 SedanSuper BlackBROOKLYN
2016 Nissan-Altima-2.5 2.5 4dr Sedan16,975$14,965 SedanGun MetallicBROOKLYN
2013 Nissan-Altima-2.5 2.5 4dr Sedan21,302$14,495 SedanCayenne Red MetallicBROOKLYN
2015 Nissan-Altima-2.5 2.5 4dr Sedan15,634$15,965 SedanPearl WhiteBROOKLYN
2014 Nissan-Altima-2.5 2.5 4dr Sedan15,292$13,995 SedanBROOKLYN
2015 Nissan-Altima-2.5 2.5 4dr Sedan22,187$14,965 SedanSuper BlackBROOKLYN
2014 Nissan-Altima-2.5 2.5 4dr Sedan38,802$13,495 SedanSuper BlackBROOKLYN
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