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  Vehicle region: Staten Island, NY
Include the following towns: Bayonne [NJ] , Brooklyn, Staten Island
 Brands: BMW(272) Cadillac(6) Chevrolet(218) Chrysler(6) Dodge(10) GMC(5) Honda(12) Hyundai(284) Jeep(15) Kia(83) Mazda(146) Mercedes-Benz(5) Mitsubishi(34) Nissan(10) Subaru(70) Toyota(330)
 Body Styles: 2 Door Coupe(38) 2 Door Hatchback / Wagon(30) 4 Door Hatchback / Wagon(98) 4 Door Sedan(854) Convertible(9) Pickup(37) SUV(413) Minivan(37)
 Price Ranges: No Price Provided(357) Between $5001 and $10000(13) Between $10001 and $15000(50) Between $15001 and $20000(66) Between $20001 and $25000(352) Between $25001 and $40000(458) More than $40000(225)







Body Style



1997 Subaru-Legacy-Outback AWD Out$24,459 WagonSTATEN ISLAND
1998 Subaru-Legacy-Outback AWD Out$23,659 WagonSTATEN ISLAND
1998 Subaru-Legacy-Outback AWD Out$24,479 WagonSTATEN ISLAND
1997 Subaru-Legacy-Outback AWD Out$26,134 WagonSTATEN ISLAND
1997 Subaru-Legacy-Outback AWD Out$24,574 WagonSTATEN ISLAND
1998 Subaru-Legacy-Outback AWD Out$24,059 WagonSTATEN ISLAND
2000 Subaru-Outback-Base AWD 4dr ST  WagonSTATEN ISLAND
1997 Subaru-Legacy-Brighton AWD Br$17,883 WagonSTATEN ISLAND
1997 Subaru-Legacy-Brighton AWD Br$18,787 WagonSTATEN ISLAND
1998 Subaru-Legacy-Brighton AWD Br$18,692 WagonSTATEN ISLAND
1998 Subaru-Legacy-L AWD L 4dr Wag$21,796 WagonSTATEN ISLAND
1997 Subaru-Legacy-L AWD L 4dr Wag$21,896 WagonSTATEN ISLAND
1998 Subaru-Legacy-GT AWD GT 4dr W$24,930 WagonSTATEN ISLAND
2006 Subaru-Legacy-2.5i AWD 2.5i 4  SedanSTATEN ISLAND
2005 Subaru-Legacy-2.5i AWD 2.5i 4  SedanSTATEN ISLAND
2005 Subaru-Legacy-2.5i Limited AW  SedanSTATEN ISLAND
2002 Toyota-Camry-SE SE 4dr Sedan  SedanSTATEN ISLAND
2005 Toyota-Camry-Standard Standa  SedanSTATEN ISLAND
2008 Toyota-Camry-Base Base 4dr S  SedanSTATEN ISLAND
1997 Toyota-Avalon-XL XL 4dr Sedan  SedanSTATEN ISLAND
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