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  Vehicle region: Staten Island, NY
Include the following towns: Bayonne [NJ] , Brooklyn, Staten Island
 Brands: Acura(9) Audi(6) BMW(366) Dodge(5) Ford(878) Honda(11) Hyundai(837) Infiniti(9) Lexus(5) Lincoln(348) Nissan(121) Toyota(10)
 Body Styles: Any(7) 2 Door Coupe(48) 2 Door Hatchback / Wagon(19) 4 Door Hatchback / Wagon(26) 4 Door Sedan(1175) Convertible(23) Pickup(139) SUV(1111) Van(102) Commercial(14)
 Price Ranges: No Price Provided(108) Between $5001 and $10000(15) Between $10001 and $15000(40) Between $15001 and $20000(359) Between $20001 and $25000(389) Between $25001 and $40000(766) More than $40000(991)







Body Style



2015 Honda-Pilot-SE 4x4 SE 4dr SUV21,292$30,495 SUVTaffeta WhiteBROOKLYN
2015 Honda-Pilot-SE 4x4 SE 4dr SUV16,506$28,995 SUVBROOKLYN
2014 Honda-Pilot-EX-L 4x4 EX-L 4dr SUV26,110$27,995 SUVBROOKLYN
2016 Honda-Pilot-EX-L w/Navi AWD EX-L 4dr SUV w/Navi13,470$32,965 SUVWhite Diamond PearlBROOKLYN
2016 Acura-MDX-SH-AWD SH-AWD 4dr SUV10,184$37,995 SUVBROOKLYN
2014 Acura-MDX-SH-AWD w/Tech SH-AWD 4dr SUV w/Tech19,848$31,965 SUVUnknownBROOKLYN
2015 Lincoln-MKC-Base 4dr SUV18,660$23,800 SUVTuxedo Black MetallicSTATEN ISLAND
2012 Lincoln-Navigator-Base 4x4 Base 4dr SUV46,133$30,500 SUVWhite Platinum Tri-Coat MetallicSTATEN ISLAND
2014 Lincoln-Navigator-Base 4x4 4dr SUV42,272$36,500 SUVSterling Gray MetallicSTATEN ISLAND
2015 Lincoln-Navigator-Base 4x4 4dr SUV23,318$46,900 SUVMidnight Sapphire MetallicSTATEN ISLAND
2016 INFINITI-QX60-Base AWD 4dr SUV17,531$32,495 SUVBROOKLYN
2014 INFINITI-QX60-Base AWD 4dr SUV21,479$32,495 SUVMoonlight WhiteBROOKLYN
2014 INFINITI-QX60-Base AWD 4dr SUV30,156$31,965 SUVDiamond SlateBROOKLYN
2008 Nissan-Pathfinder-S 4x4 S 4dr SUV93,825$9,495 SUVSuper Black MetallicBROOKLYN
2007 Nissan-Pathfinder-S S 4dr SUV 4WD112,690$10,500 SUVStorm GraySTATEN ISLAND
2012 Nissan-Pathfinder-S 4x4 S 4dr SUV37,939$15,965 SUVNavy BlueBROOKLYN
2014 Nissan-Pathfinder-S 4x4 S 4dr SUV23,185$28,985 SUVSuper BlackBROOKLYN
2015 Nissan-Pathfinder-S 4x4 S 4dr SUV (midyear re27,305$25,495 SUVSilBROOKLYN
2014 Nissan-Pathfinder-S 4x4 S 4dr SUV74,912$21,495 SUVBkBROOKLYN
2014 Nissan-Pathfinder-S 4x4 S 4dr SUV12,097$25,495 SUVMoonlight WhiteBROOKLYN
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